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The library section includes manuals, instruction sheets, application descriptions, and sample reports. All except the first document (which can be printed directly) are offered in PDF format for downloading.

Application: Using Demand Profiles for Meter Sizing
Technical Review of Flow Recorder Technology

Application: Analyzing Residential & Small Commercial Usage Patterns
with a focus on the impact of distribution system pressure oscillations

Application: Meter Sizing

Application: Customer Service

Smart Meter-Master Operating Instructions
(For appendices, see "Meter-Master Flow Product Appendices")

Manual: Models 100EL, 100ELS, 100AF, 100P, 100XP (prg ver 4.0+)
(For appendices, see "Meter-Master Flow Product Appendices")

Manual: Meter-Master Flow Product Appendices
For Models 20, 50, 60, 100EL, 100ELS, 100AF

Instructions: Quick Reference Guide
For Models 100EL and 100ELS, 100AF

Manual: MeterSizer