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Internet Data Service
Internet Data Service

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F.S. Brainard & Company's internet data service is located at (Meter-Master Data Center). From our website's home page at, you can access sample internet data. Actual customer data is password protected.

This web service is economical and robust. Graphs can be viewed at various resolution levels. The data is also available in text format and can be downloaded in either an Excel compatible or PMAC software format. Alarm messages sent by the Cello are highlighted at the website. Should any data not be received due to a transmission problem, the website will request the missing data from the Cello in the field in order to ensure the availability of a continuous stream of data. The data is backed up in the Cello for many months.

The internet data service offers a revenue opportunity for any user should there be other parties who would also like access to the data by reselling the password information. If desired, a customized internet Cello data site may be created with a unique URL.

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