Smart Meter-Master Non-Encoder to Encoder Signal Converter

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Covered by U.S. patent number 10,587,278. The Smart Meter-Master Non-Encoder to Encoder Signal Converter enables utilities to easily collect additional data thru their existing AMR/AMI networks from various devices and sensors that do not have encoder outputs. A typical application would be enabling water utilities to collect totalized volumetric readings from sewer meters thru their existing AMR/AMI networks. In these cases, the Smart Meter-Master takes the digital or analog output, typically 4-20mA, from an existing sewer meter, totalizes the value, and outputs an encoder reading in Sensus, Neptune, or Elster protocol to any radio or touch read device that the utility uses to collect standard meter readings. Clients can use the free Smart Meter-Master software to easily re-program the 20mA flow rate value on-site in order to calibrate the Meter-Master totalization to match that of the sewer meter display, and the beginning meter reading may be programmed into the Smart Meter-Master so that the sewer meter reading sent via the AMR/AMI network tracks the totalized reading displayed on the sewer meter.

Another typical application would be to collect pressure or water quality readings from a field sensor and output these readings as Sensus, Neptune, or Elster protocol readings to any radio or touch read device. The reading transmitted via the network and posted to a database would be a pressure or water quality value instead of a meter reading.

Key Features

  • Add sewer meters to your AMR/AMI network
  • Collect pressure data via your AMR/AMI network
  • Make any meter a smart meter
  • Connect any sensor device to an AMR/AMI network
  • Digital, analog, and universal encoder I/O
  • Up to 2 input channels & 5 output channels
  • LCD Display
  • Battery & data backup
  • User programmable

Input Signal Options

  • 4-20mA
  • Pulse/Digital
  • Magnetic Flux
  • 0-10V

Output Signal Options

  • Sensus Encoder
  • Neptune Encoder
  • Elster Encoder
  • Analog/Digital
  • RS232/485