About F.S. Brainard & Company

F.S. Brainard & Company manufactures and distributes electronic flow recorders, pressure recorders, data loggers, flow sensors, pressure sensors, encoder interface solutions, and associated software under the brand name, Meter-Master. The hardware products are rugged, compact, submersible, portable, easy to use, and easy to integrate with other technology. The flow recorders,  sensors,  and encoder interface solutions are designed to generate high resolution demand data from any water meter without service interruption or meter alteration. The data, reports, and graphs generated with the Meter-Master software are compatible with most third party software products. Meter-Master products are manufactured and serviced in accordance with military quality standards at our modern facility in Burlington, New Jersey.

Applications include monitoring of any characteristic in a utility distribution network, demand profiling, customer service, meter sizing, leak detection, water use audits, conservation programs, hydraulic modeling, cost of service studies, demand billing, state monitoring, and automatic meter reading.

The first Meter-Master was invented in 1931 by Frank S. Brainard, Sr., distribution engineer for the Hartford, Connecticut Metropolitan Water District. For more than 85 years, Meter-Masters have been used for resolving high bill complaints, assisting in leak detection, sizing meter installations and other applications. Meter-Masters have participated in a number of groundbreaking studies, including the North American Residential End Use Study by Aquacraft, Inc. of Boulder, CO.