MeterSizer Program

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MeterSizer automatically calculates the projected accuracy percentage of each alternative meter type and size when a downloaded Model 100EL Flow Recorder datafile is loaded into the program and ranks them from best to worst. In order to calculate the annual revenue increase or decrease associated with each alternative meter option, utility-specific financial information is entered, including billing rates, wastewater rates (if based on usage), minimum/fixed charges, meter purchase costs, and meter changeout costs. The accuracy calculations may be performed without entering any financial information. A graph is also shown for each meter option projecting the actual usage data against the specified flow ranges for each meter type and size.

Once the utility-specific financial information has been entered, the user simply imports a downloaded Meter-Master Model 100EL data file or a comma separated value (CSV) file if the data was recorded using other hardware. If desired, a seasonal adjustment may be performed by entering a year of monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly billing records. The user can then view: (a) the projected accounted-for water percentage for each type and size meter option, (b) the annual revenue increase/decrease associated with each alternative meter option as compared to the existing meter, (c) the payback period associated with each alternative meter option, (d) the usage below, within, and above the “normal” flow range for each meter option, and (e) the head (pressure) loss at the maximum recorded flow rate for each meter option.

Operation of the software is very user-friendly and entirely automated. It generates easy to read graphs for all meter options and printed reports which clearly indicate the pros and cons of each meter option.

A free demo version of the software is available. The demo version includes sample financial information and data files so that sample results can be generated and printed.