Model 100XP Pressure Recorder

The portable Meter-Master Model 100XP Pressure Recorder records static pressure over time. A rocker switch toggles the recording on/off. The current pressure may be checked at any time without interrupting a recording session using the Model 100 Program’s Realtime Display. The Model 100XP is available with interchangeable pressure sensors ranging from 0 to 5 PSI to 0 to 30,000 PSI.

The Model 100 Program software provides a variety of report and graph options. Data may easily be exported into widely used software such as Excel and Word. The program supports PSI, Bars, Feet, Metres, and Kilopascals. Additional units of measure may be added to the database.

The pressure sensor is located external to the recorder in order to allow for the wide variety of pressure ranges. The sensor has a standard stainless steel 1/4″ NPT fitting but is available with any pipe fitting desired. The sensor cable includes a military style connector for connecting the sensor to the cable. All connectors on the recorder are stainless steel. Although the recorder is submersible, the sensors are not designed for submersed applications.