Model 20 Flow Sensor

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The submersible METER-MASTER MODEL 20 Flow Sensor uses a magnetic sensor to digitize a meter’s magnetic drive signal. The square wave output is available for input into data logging, SCADA, telemetry, and other utility and energy management systems. No electrical or mechanical connection to the meter is required. It is compatible with large and small water meters worldwide. The Model 20 is externally powered and suitable for permanent or portable applications.

Meter-Master set-up in the field is simple, requiring only a velcro strap to secure the sensor in position. Typically, the sensor is placed on the side of the water meter’s register with the sensor cable going straight up or down. A small number of USA meters have different sensor locations (described in detail in the operating instructions). There are two built-in signal output options (external or internal voltage pull-up); external power can be any voltage between 6 and 40 volts. An AC power plug is available as an accessory.

An LED may be factory installed which flashes in unison with the square wave output. If needed, the pulse output frequency may be divided. These options must be specified at the time of order placement. Pulse factors for specific meters are available on request.

If needed, an AC adapter or lithium battery pack is available. The battery pack comes in two sizes: 19 Ah (2+ year battery life) and 57 Ah (5+ year battery life).