Model 50 Flow Sensor

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The submersible, battery-powered METER-MASTER MODEL 50 Flow Sensor uses a magnetic sensor to digitize a meter’s magnetic drive signal. The square wave output is available for input into data logging, SCADA, and other equipment. It is compatible with large and small meters worldwide and small enough to fit inside any meter box. The Model 50 is internally powered by four AA batteries (total of 6 volts) and is suitable for permanent or portable applications.

Meter-Master set-up in the field is simple, requiring only a velcro strap to secure the sensor in position. Typically, the sensor is placed on the side of the water meter’s register with the sensor cable going straight up or down. No electrical or mechanical connection to the meter is required.

The square wave output has two built-in (and one optional) wire lead configurations for maximum logger compatibility and battery life. A membrane switch keypad enables the user to turn the Model 50 power on and off, to check the sensor’s digital output signal (red LED), and to check the battery charge status (green LED).