Smart Meter-Master Program

The Smart Meter-Master Program enables the user to program all of the hardware configured Smart Meter-Master input and output channels. You can select 2-wire or 3-wire Sensus, Neptune, and Elster connections, and, if you want an encoder output to match an encoder input, you simply select ‘pass-thru’, in which case the encoder output will exactly match the encoder input. Configuration files can be saved to and loaded from your PC. This program also provides numerous graph and report options for data files downloaded from the Smart Meter-Master.

The program allows the user to change the input channels between hardware configured input types and to map either input channel to any hardware configured output type. The hardware configured input and output types are specified by model number when ordering a Smart Meter-Master.

The program version used to program the Smart Meter-Master input and output channels for interface applications is available for free. The program version used to also download data and use the full suite of graph and report options is available for a charge.